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Free Crazy Shapes Procreate Brush set (33 brushes)

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Welcome to the world of creative possibilities with our "Crazy Shapes" Procreate Brush Set. This brush set is crafted to add a touch of whimsy and vibrancy to your digital canvas. Free for a Limited Time for the first 20 downloads.


  • 27 Solid Shapes: Elevate your designs with 27 high-quality, solid random abstract shapes, each ready to bring a unique flair to your artwork.
  • 3 Rainbow Doodle Stamp Brushes: Dive into a spectrum of creativity with three delightful rainbow doodle stamp brushes, bringing a burst of color and playfulness to your creations.
  • 3 Versatile Pattern Brushes: Explore endless possibilities with two pattern brushes, perfect for adding intricate details and depth to your designs.
  • Color Freedom with No Texture: Enjoy the flexibility of taking on any color without the constraints of textures, allowing you to experiment and customize your designs effortlessly.

Enhance Your Designs:

Add Fun to Your Designs: Inject a dose of fun into your illustrations, lettering, and digital projects with the diverse set of solid shapes and playful brushes.

Made for Procreate:

Crafted specifically for Procreate, "Crazy Shapes" seamlessly integrates into your digital workflow, providing a hassle-free and intuitive experience.

Free for a Limited Time:

Embark on your creative journey with "Crazy Shapes" for free! This exclusive offer is available for a limited time-first 20 downloads. Be sure to claim your set now and elevate your digital art.

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Free Support:

Have questions or need assistance? We're here for you! Contact us at for free support.

Claim your "Crazy Shapes" Procreate Brush Set now and explore the endless possibilities of digital art. Subscribe to be part of our creative journey and receive exciting updates in the future!

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Free Crazy Shapes Procreate Brush set (33 brushes)

1 rating
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